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Signed 'Memories That I Am' Gatefold LP + Poster

This LP is signed by Melle.


The main theme of Melle’s upcoming debut album is 'memories': things in his life that made him who he is. Most songs on the record are very personal stories about love and loss based on Melle’s own life.


“A while back I watched a documentary about people’s perception of time. It said that time slows down and it seems like you live longer if you make more memories. I loved the idea of prolonging your life by actively making memories so that became a core theme of the album."


Opening track ‘Old Summers’ about nostalgic childhood memories was the last song he wrote for the album and it tied everything together perfectly. Melle wanted the cover art to be of the specific place in France he sings about. It’s where he used to go on holidays with his family and where he made his first conscious memories as a kid.


Melle has a very big collection of unusual instruments consisting of a tzouras, balalaika, taishogoto and many more of which he plays 23 different kinds on the album, so him being a multi-instrumentalist is not an overstatement.

For this record he dived deeper into sounds and production than ever before with producer JJ Sielcken. This has made for a wonderfully detailed and rich sounding album. It’s colorful, it’s optimistic. 


Side A:

Old Summers


A Fool

Live Is Too Easy On Me

Can't Come Home

Memories That I Am


Side B:

On The Run

Deja Vu


Where We Came From

In The End

17 (Acoustic)

Signed 'Memories That I Am' Gatefold LP + Poster

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