Hi there! I’m so glad to find you on my website, here’s a little bit about me :)

When I was five years old I fell in love with the sound of a cello and I got a ukelele for my birthday on which I played Beatles-songs with my dad. A couple of years later I started writing my own songs. 


In 2019 I released my 1st EP called 'Y' in which I shared some personal stories and experimented with exotic instruments. I love collecting weird instruments now as you can see on my Youtube and Instagram page (#mellesinstruments).


I formed a band and won the Nobel Award Leiden with them. We released a 2nd EP 'Little Life' about longing for a quiet life in a chaotic world. 


After winning music-competition Mooie Noten in Amsterdam and playing lots of shows during Popronde 2021, I released my third EP 'When The Night Is Full Of Spies'. The songs Run Run and Already Home were a big success on Dutch national radio, reaching playlist rotation on Veronica and Radio 2, as well as nr 1 on their hitlist 'V15'.


Right now I'm working on my first full-lenght album, but before that comes out I decided to give you one last EP with my more intimate and acoustic songs on there called 'Morning Is Dawning'. It's the end of a first chapter for me and also the first time I produced a record all by myself so I'm very excited to hear what you think :) 


Music is magic and I want to spend my whole life trying to share that magic. 🧡 
 - Melle

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