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Hey this is Melle :) I'm a musician with too many instruments and I'm glad to find you on my website. I'm a sucker for nostalgia which my debut album 'Memories That I Am' is all about. I hope it will bring you some joy or comfort.


My music's honest and sounds organic. With all the passion I can muster I sing about love and loss, using memorable melodies and personal lyrics, often with a consoling message. I think you can describe my genre as indie-pop or indie-folk. The songs vary from small, acoustic ballads, influenced by Phoebe Bridgers and Sufjan Stevens, to energetic pop sounding like Sam Fender and Coldplay.


I'm most proud of my huge collection of instruments consisting of a taishogoto, balalaika, theremin, zither and many more. I play 23 different kinds on my album, so people call me a multi-instrumentalist.

I just believe that real instruments bring more character to a song than digital sounds. You can see this analog vibe in my video’s too, cause I love vintage camera’s.


Over the past few years Melle managed to turn quite a few heads with his achievements. He won both the ‘Nobel Award Leiden’ and ‘Mooie Noten’, his single ‘On The Road’ made it into Spotify’s Viral 50 NL charts, and his hit singles ‘Run Run’ and 'Old Summers' could not be ignored from the national radio. 'Run Run' and later single 'Can't Come Home' even made the top spot in Radio 2’s V15 hitlist for several weeks.

On top of that he participated in the Dutch traveling festival ‘Popronde’, where he became one of the most booked acts of that year, opened for Charlie Winston, Ruben Hein and Douwe Bob which he also joined on stage. He sold out his own show at Cinetol in Amsterdam and is a regular guest on Dutch Radio. 


Melle produced his album with Jurriaan JJ Sielcken. They dived deeper into sounds and production than ever before which has made for wonderfully detailed and rich sounding album. It’s colorful, it’s optimistic.


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