Melle is a down to earth musician who sings his songs from the heart while playing piano or guitar. For people who really listen, his music can touch and move you. With an authentic and honest voice his songs might want to make you shed a tear. His music brings an atmosphere which takes you away and lets you wander in your own thoughts. 

With a repertoire spanning from emotional small acoustic songs, to explosive band pieces, he tells a fascinating story and brings you into his own musical world. 


Ever since Melle was a little kid, he wrote his own songs and played various instruments like cello, ukulele, guitar and piano. His biggest musical inspirations have been Coldplay, The Beatles and Queen. 

Click here for songs by Eleven

Click here for songs by Eleven

At 11 years old he joined a Dutch music competition called Junior Songfestival and reached the finale with his song ‘Dromen’. After that he went to high school and started up his own band called Eleven. They wrote songs and played live in his home town Leiden, The Netherlands. He always knew he wanted to be a musician so after high school he went to the Conservatory of Haarlem.

Aside from being an artist with his own music, Melle also writes songs or toplines for other artists, makes background music and does session work in the studio and for live performances.