Hi there! I’m so glad to find you on my website, here’s a little bit about me :)

When I was five years old I fell in love with the sound of a cello and I got a ukelele for my birthday on which I played Beatles-songs with my dad. A couple of years later I started writing my own songs and playing my first live gigs with my ukelele.

In 2019 I released my first EP called Y in which I shared my most personal stories and experimented with some exotic instruments. I love collecting weird instruments as you can see in my own songwriting series on Youtube and Instagram called Melle’s Instruments.

I formed a new band and won the Nobel Award Leiden with them. We released a second EP Little Life which is about longing for a quiet life in a chaotic world.

Last year I won a music-competition called Mooie Noten in Amsterdam and was the second most booked act of Popronde. I also released singles from my third EP. Run Run and Already Home were a big success on Dutch national radio, reaching playlist rotation on Veronica and Radio 2, as well as nr 1 on their hitlist V15.

My brand new EP 'When The Night Is Full Of Spies' just got released! It's about worries and dreams that can get stuck in your head.

The thing that I find most wondrous in the world is when a song is created out of thin air. First there’s nothing and then suddenly there’s a new piece of music.

Music is magic and I want to spend my whole life trying to share that magic.

- Melle

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